AR (Accelerated Reader) Program
Accelerated Reader Program


AR Program

Accelerated Reader program is available in the library and in the classrooms.  (If not contact our campus technologist, campus librarian, or submit a service request).  1st -5th grade students may participate.  Providing the student(s) can independently read and take the test on the computer.  For Kinder and 1st grade classes pictures may replace the exam for the first two semesters. 


AR Testing

This program is designed for ALL the students to read the book completely and then take the test with adult supervision.  Some teachers recommend that certain students must read the book more than once before attempting to take a test. 


If a student is caught using the book during a test, the student will lose a point.

If a student is caught taking tests for other students the student will lose 5 points.


AR Quiz Info        AR Book Level Chart

The quiz ID #, the grade level, and the point value of the book are located on the front inside cover of the book.  The AR books are labeled according to the level of the book.  Students are encouraged to check out books at their grade level or one grade level below or one grade level above.


AR Reports

AR Reports are available for teachers (ex:  if students read an AR class set everyone can test on it and a report may be requested to see results).  Various types of reports are available how many points, test results, reading diagnostic… just see the librarian.